Evolution the creator? . . . but Who created evolution?

Where did the first cell come from?

This implies it had to have had an origin. A birth place if you will. A beginning. After all, nothing just appears in the physical.

Can a person stand in an empty warehouse and say, (Cadillac) . . . and a car appears? How about, (Alligator)? (Football)? Or anything in the physical world?

How did the first cell (Know) what it was to do in order to bring all life together perfectly on one planet, after spinning around the universe for billions of years?

This implies the first cell had knowledge. That is, it knows something, is aware of something/s. How is that so? After all, it is the very first cell in all the universe . . . nothing was before it . . . but yet it has knowledge, and it came from somewhere. This also means that the first cell must have had a brain of some sort/s . . . in order to think, understand it’s purpose.

Where did the first cell acquire it’s knowledge from?

This implies that the first cell must have been educated somewhere, somehow. In reality, to be a doctor, one must attend medical school . . .  (acquire knowledge). The same applies to a police officer, electrician, IT engineer, teacher, etc, etc. So we know that knowledge and education do not just appear in our minds and brains.

In order to learn how your country was formed, you would have to read about it, or watch a program, listen to a lecture. That information would not just be there in your head. You would have to be exposed to something that is sharing the knowledge with you, and experience it.

Just thinking! Oh, wait a minute . . . where did that come from?